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The Problem

Conventional Healthcare thrives off people being sick.  They pour money, energy and time into creating medicines which do not heal people.  We all have our own experiences within the medical care system.  There are some really good doctors and nurses out there, but the system itself, is corrupt. 

It's a death-care system. 

Medical malpractice is on the rise.  Treatments which heal us have been suppressed.  There are many sources of information regarding healthcare and treatments, and it's hard to know who to trust.  In our current system, preventative care, such as nutrition and full body analysis does not happen.  This is a treatment based system, and not a preventative one. 

Healthcare is income focused.  Treatments are focused on symptoms and not on the root of the cause of dis-ease. 

Currently, our healthcare system:


Thrives off when we are sick. 

They are not preventative based. 

They follow government mandates, even when they are against our personal health choices. 

They refused to allow family members to visit a patient during c*vid. 

They administer toxic medicines which increase illness.  They do not look at nutrition; doctors are not trained in nutrition.  Herbal, and natural therapies are not used. 

We want our members to thrive!

Our Mission

We maintain and extend the life of our members with a new approach to what it means to be alive and thrive.

Ascension is
A place where the best and newest medical technology is used.

About Our Life Centers

Ascension Life Centers are the upgrade to traditional hospitals. 

We are moving away from Allopathy as much as possible.  

We are prevention focused with emphasis on encouraging our members to live in optimal health. 

We are currently seeking benefactors to assist with opening our first and subsequent clinic locations and donate to the initial member services pool.  Certain individuals will be steering the Ascension Life Centers in our Benefactor Pool.  This group invests and helps donate to help start clinic locations.  

This group decides on funding those who need healthcare and cannot afford it; or covering severe accident services that exceed member pool amounts. Benefactors can sit on the Advisory Committee to assist in making key decisions.

We will be an alternative to traditional hospitals by providing exceptional care, EMS services, and a HealthShare member contribution pool program as an alternative to Health Insurance (similar to Medi-Health). 

Assist us with expanding our health network by establishing our first clinic of exceptional care covering the Seattle area as the template for Life Centers globally!

Keith Vowell

Co-Founder of Alighten

Founder of Ascension Life Centers

As an Entrepreneur, Keith saw the issues with hospitals at an early age.  After being injured during his Marine Corps service, and living for almost two decades in pain, he experienced non-healing western medicine. He found his own healing through non-traditional methods and delved into biohacking, spiritual healing and has become a Reiki healer and spiritual mentor.  As a Lightworker, he offers Akashic Record Work, Intuitive Guided Trauma Healing, Animal Whisperer and Reiki Pet Healing.  He is also an actor and model, for movies and commercials.  He helps manage the podcast Irida TV and opportunities in the entertainment industry.

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Amber Wright

Founder of Alighten

PMA Advisor; Business Consultant

Spiritually brought Amber into business.  After some deep personal healing, Amber channel wrote the business plan for Alighten in the summer of 2018.  This challenged her to grow and learn finance, became accountant and Life & Health Insurance Agent, as well as marketing and business development.  When Alighten became a PMA in November of 2021, Amber began to see how much this type of business structure is in demand.  She is now a PMA Advisor, able to help others start or convert their existing business to the private domain as a Private Member Association, Ministry and/or Church.  She is currently working on projects including: starting multiple Centers of Learning, building the network of healers at Alighten, planning member-only events, healing workshops and a summer festival.  She is also a massage therapist and specializes in off the body energy healing, both in-person and remote.  As a seer, she works through the subtle light realms and our life blueprint.

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What is Alighten today?


We are building the new economy! 

Parallel structures which will be the new earth economy.  We are here to make the world a better place, and we cannot do this alone.  We need all of us, working together opening our minds, expanding what we personally think we are capable of.  It's about human optimization and giving opportunities for all to grow in awareness.  

We are a community.  We invite those who have not received the c*vid injection or pills to become members.  We offer our services to one another.  We have basic levels, the served and the serving. Currently, our primary focus is in the health and wellness sector, followed by early learning.  We assist learning pods or homeschool groups to become members and offer specialized classes.  We assist healing practitioners to offer their gifts to help our members thrive and live in optimal health.  In this way, we support and uplift one another. 


We host private events with music, specialized speakers, networking, delicious foods and of course, dancing and movement integration. A fun and high vibration reality is what we will create by collaborating with artists of all types from around the globe!

How can I help?

At Alighten we are removing the separation and kicking the sides of the sandbox to build the new reality!  

Join our network will expose you to others of similar minds globally, and this is for members to unite.  Sign up and join our community, share what you are doing with others.  Collaborate and expand our open model of operating in the Private Domain to wherever our members live. 

Join or donate if you want to see or be a part of our new healthcare system!

Afternoon Light

Current Practitioners in our network:

Massage Therapist(s)
Energy Healer(s)
Thermography Imaging
Midwife and Doula
Animal Communicator(s)
Dog behavior consultant
Eating Psychology Coach
Rife Machine
Cellular Light Infusion
Plant Medicine
Frog Medicine
Oxygen Therapy

Alighten Founder:

Amber Wright

Po Box 1131

Duvall, Wa 98019

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