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We are in unique times.  Never before has a biological weapon been used in tandem with psychological manipulation, not at this scale, with these technologies. 


We are creating the new systems, a parallel economy, a place to offer what you do to others who are of like mind.  We are open to changing the way we think about doing things, and doing them better.


To become a member is a one time contribution of $100.  We vet our members with research or an interview and conduct background checks. 


As a member, you will have access to: 

* Healthcare centers for those who are not vaxxed for c*vid (see more about our fundraising event to open our first location)

* Online store where our members sell tangible goods (already set up and currently uploading products)

* Online learning for all ages, where members can upload courses to the public, create in-person learning experiences, and share knowledge and skills.  Trade schools, community centers, courses online as pdf downloads or as online courses. (Summer courses are coming soon!)

* In-person Events!!!  Live music, catered events, retreats, healing workshops, sound healing, sweat lodges, natural medicine retreats and healing. 

* Offer your service to a community open to receiving it. 

We have the right to conduct business.  In a member-to-member community, the government does not have jurisdiction in our affairs.  This is a private organization. 

For those who have a current practice, or curious about the process to convert to private, one of our advisors can show you how.  The basis is, you will be asking all of your current clients to become members of your practice.  The power is in the membership agreement. 

  Application for Membership

 ** We only accept applicants who have not received the covid injections. **

   * One Application Per Person *

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