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Interested in becoming a Benefactor?

Benefactors are the contributors who help get the Ascension Life Centers up off the ground, and/or help with healthcare costs for Alighten members who might have high medical bills due to an accident.  Alighten will offer a Health-Share program, an alternative to health insurance.

Ascension will offer clinics as alternatives to a hospitals beginning in summer of 2022, as well as create an EMS service replacement for the Greater Seattle region by the end of the year 2022.

So to reach our goals, having benefactor assistance is essential.

See below for more details, or send us a message to tailor your situation.

Empower Alighten and Ascension Life Centers

To have Ascension Life Centers flourish the way the Founders intend, we extend the opportunity for Benefactors to step in and join a Benefactor Board which will assist us by funding future buildings and equipment, and assisting members (of their choosing) that have extenuating medical needs. 


We also have an advisory board, which the Benefactors are welcome to join and assist with decision making and/or funding direction.  We seek for our advisory board to make important decisions for the growth and protections of our mission.  For instance, hiring and firing of key contractor-employees for the Life Centers, deciding on locations for expansion, and other important decisions which may arise.

The funding from Benefactors for member-patient medical needs goes directly to the recipient's situation.  Funding can also go to the Membership Pool to help give base-level medical care for our members.  Funding will be needed to purchase high quality, advanced and effective medical care equipment as well as EMS vehicles and dispatch systems. 

Once a clinic and member services pool is funded, benefactors can expand with each new clinic, or maintain any clinic in any area they choose.

Becoming a member of the Benefactor Board requires a deposit of $100,000.  

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  • Help Launch the Life Centers

  • Contribute to a Health-Share Membership Pool

  • Uplift the local Economy

  • Assist with people being healthy and thriving

  • Un-Vaxed Blood Bank

  • EMS for the Entire Seattle Area

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To be healthy and fully aligned.

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Help with our expansion!​

Here is a list of possible locations for our first life center, where we will have the most advanced technologies and techniques integrated where we may be able to take a person from sickness to health within 6 to 9 months.

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