Centers of Learning

Enhance your learning pod or homeschool group by providing exceptional education to children in your local area.  We share our system and resources for getting up and running.

We offer assistance setting up parents and members and creating your Center of Learning in a way which aligns with your values and the values of Alighten.  We are based in personal freedoms and doing good.  We believe that all children have the right to a supportive learning environment where they can thrive with what they are naturally and inherently good at, while at the same time making sure to cover the basics.  We believe that learning should be fun, and do our best to make sure the students are engaged.

We are setting up learning centers throughout Washington State with our model for learning.  If you are a parent interested in helping to create a learning group with others in your area, fill out the contact form below, we can help you get set up.

Essentially, it is the parents choice how to educate their children. However, people have become complacent over time and let the state tell them how to educate their children about life. We have become lazy and let the public school system do it. 

By moving to the private domain, all parents and administrators are members of the organization, we make a one-on-one private agreement for an exchange or activity within the organization, and with that are protections of the private sector.  We are thereby not giving the state jurisdiction in our private affairs. 


To bring opportunities and information to curious minds, while providing educational resources for tutors and instructors.  At Alighten, we assist families and administrators to move from the public to private domain of education.


To start a center for collaborative learning, all is needed is a space and a dedicated person to help run the center.  We open learning centers as an extension of home based education for families who wish to learn and grow with community. 

We are a network of educational resources for children of all ages online and in-person.

For Information on How To Start A Learning Center

For information about starting a Learning Center!