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Dive deep into spiritual understanding by expanding on that which you already know.  Our teachers take a student to deeper levels of awareness through prerecorded, live and one on one classes.  We are dedicated to helping raise the frequency, and the awareness of humanity

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The body has the ability to heal.  This is the basis for natural medicine, is to find substances, lifestyle changes, and plant based medicines which aid the whole being back to balance.  With a little assistance, healing happens.  This course teaches natural healing techniques. 

Body Awareness

Everything starts with you. How you hold yourself, your essence, is what makes you who you are.  Being aware of how you are being you, is the first step to being the one in charge of who you are. 


Touch provides for us a conduit to connect and communicate in ways which are beyond words.  Massage provides relaxation, rejuvenation and healing.  This course teaches mindset and manipulation techniques to add and expand your massage practice. 

Muscle Testing

Learn to test yourself, and test other's.  A great, powerful and simple way to understand the strengths and weaknesses of one's own body. 

Energy Healing

A practitioner sends good, healing light energy to a person's aura, chakras and life blueprint.  There are many types of energy healing, we teach these at Alighten.

Herbal Medicine

Nature provides us many medicines.  Some of the "weeds" in our yard hold medicinal qualities.  Explore and learn more about native plants in the Alighten Herbal Medicine course.