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Life Centers 

Reshape Natural Healing

Life centers specialize in naturopathic, ayurvedic, holistic and spiritual modalities, paired with leading edge technologies. 

We maintain and extend the life of our members with a new approach to what it means to be alive and thrive. 


Ascension Life Center
Clinic Location

Requesting benefactor assistance to:


  • Lease or Rent to Buy Silver Plaza (Or other similar facility location)

  • Renovate into a Clinic

  • Equip Emergency Services

  • Equip specific Treatment Rooms for Natural Healing


  • Estimated Facility Cost: 

Rent for $350,000 Per Year

Buy for $4.5 Million


Our goal is to own the property as Alighten Ministries, or start by leasing a clinic location to begin operating as soon as possible.

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Ascension Life Center

Requesting benefactor assistance to:

  • Purchase a Hotel

  • Renovate the Hotel into a Clinic

    • Convert Suites into Recovery Rooms

    • Furnish and equip Treatment Rooms for Natural Healing such as:

      • Sound-Bath Room

      • Salt Rooms, Spa, Sauna

      • Light Healing

      • Frequency Healing (Med Beds)

      • Natural and Holistic Medicine

  • Equip and staff Emergency Services

Estimated Cost: 30 Million

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To open our Health-Share program (Health Insurance Alternative) before Summer of 2022

We open our first Ascension Life Center Location by the end of Summer 2022

To offer EMS services throughout the entire Greater Seattle region before the end of the year 2022

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We offer quality care at affordable prices and to be transparent with costs and funding associated with providing quality care.  Our members understand that contributing to the membership pool allows for all members to benefit from health visits.

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To offer well rounded healthcare services with leading edge holistic technologies which support our members to live in optimal health, vitality and abundance. 

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