Re-Defining Healthcare

Have you refused to be indoctrinated by main-stream media?

Can you see through the programming matrix?

Did you refuse the covid jab?

Do you agree that we can create a new system and move into a fair, just, abundant and peaceful era?

If so, we welcome you to our c-unvaxxed community! Offer your crafts, passion and services, then invite more like-minded members and join us for parties, events and retreats. We are shifting the narrative. We are building the parallel system that will become the new system, together.

Imagine being treated at a light-workers center for true healing instead of going to the hospital for symptom-suppressing pills! Imagine calling our EMS number (coming this year) to be taken to a Life Center with skilled and moral staff to care for an emergency with state of the art medical devices to actually heal you without masking, fear, financial or ethical conflicts of interest!

Imagine having your children attend Centers of Learning for a holistic approach to education, free from state indoctrination directives that you as the parent have direct visibility of the curriculum, and where teacher transparency is the ethos.

This is what you help build when you join our network!

This is the network we have started and need YOU to build up with your best passions and skills that you enjoy and deserve fair compensation for. Let’s heal from the insanity of a system that tried to have us manipulated by fear, let’s move forward!

Due to the nature of our business structure (508c1a), we are an unincorporated ministry and stand on the separation of church and state to practice membership agreements in the Private Domain, so we can legally create a spike protein free environment backed by constitutional protections.

*** We are seeking healthcare practitioners ***

Work with us and offer your services in our network!!!

*** We are seeking benefactors to assist in creating our first medical clinic, Ascension Life Center, in the Seattle area to be the first of many as a healthy alternative to our allopathic hospitals. Donations are considered a charitable contribution as our ministry is a faith-based organization.

Keith Vowell and Amber Wright, Founders

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