Why You Should Consider Trying out the Harmonic Egg

We at Alighten are excited to share another healing technology with you today where we will be exploring the new alternative light and sound therapy technology called the Harmonic Egg. Sound and light therapy have been around for over a century, but people have begun to explore how they can be used together to create an enhanced healing environment in more recent decades. The Harmonic Egg therapy experience has recently been made available to the public back in 2020.

This technology, like the EESystem we shared last week, is an amazing alternative to modern pharmaceutical medicine and invasive treatments. We are in an age where the current healthcare system does not necessarily have its patients’ best interests at heart; however, many creators of alternative healing technologies do focus on the wellbeing of their patients over financial success. The inventor of the Harmonic Egg is one of these people, desiring to make the Harmonic Egg available to the general public, not just those of high class status who can pay any amount necessary to heal their illnesses.

What is the Harmonic Egg?

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The Harmonic Egg is a type of light and sound therapy chamber that uses Bio Resonant therapy. According to the Harmonic Egg Wellness Frequently Asked Questions, this is “a safe and non-invasive therapy that uses the biophysics of the body. It most commonly aids in treating stress factors that can be contributors to health problems and even some serious illnesses.”

On the outside, the walls form a dodecahedron, meaning it has 12 faces, while the inside walls are made of sloping panels. Inside the chamber is a zero gravity reclining chair. In a live account of Harmonic Egg therapy, the author explains the Harmonic Egg as “a chamber with the perfect combination of ratios, materials, and shapes to enhance bio-resonance for sound and light therapy.”

How was the Harmonic Egg created?

The Harmonic Egg was developed by Gail Lynn throughout the last decade. Rooted in Sound states that her work was inspired by her search for natural and holistic therapy that would help her severe cardiovascular stress. In 2010, she opened her first light and sound therapy center in Denver, Colorado. She continued her research and improved on her light and sound therapy machine design, and in 2020 her patent for the Harmonic Egg was approved. Now there are many locations open across the United States where people can access this new healing technology, and there are more to come as machines are being built and delivered. Lynn is even expanding her work by making her technology available in countries outside of the United States. In an interview with Elisa Herrera, Lynn explains her desire to make this technology available to the public as a whole and not just to higher-class individuals. She wants this form of therapy to be reasonably priced such that most people can afford to take advantage of it if they feel it would be useful to them.

How does the Harmonic Egg work?